Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is Alden & Watson Law’s part-time Marketing Assistant with experience and background in brand strategy, visual concept and design, and account management. Sarah began her career locally in restaurant management and moved on to help grow a corporate chain in the greater Boston area. From there, she switched gears to pursue management of a growing fitness chain in the South Shore and Boston areas. Her varying management positions allowed her to develop skills in team leadership, talent scouting, and public relations.

Sarah had the privilege of growing up on Cape Cod and is now raising her own family here with her husband. She attended school locally in Barnstable, graduating from Sturgis Charter Public School and continuing to pursue a degree in Business Administration at Southern New Hampshire University. Fueled by her passion for the community and the village that raised her, Sarah continues to give back by leading her local Girl Scout Troop and volunteering full time at her daughters’ elementary school as their PTO President. 

Sarah truly believes we are all, “forever students” and is eager to build on her professional background while remaining in tune with the latest marketing strategies. She hopes to continue her love of volunteer work and giving back to the community through her work at Alden & Watson Law.

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